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A canonical description of our world.

Das MISLA Konzept (in German)

MISLA als Struktur für die Kommunikation 1. Schritt: MOTIVATION Warum spreche ich? Das Problem schildern oder auf aktuelles Ereignis verweisen. 2. Schritt: IST-ZUSTAND Wie verhält es sich derzeit?  Wie erlebe ich den momentanen Zustand? Schilderung der derzeitigen Situation. 3. Schritt: SOLL-ZUSTAND Wie sollte es sein?  Welchen Zustand, welche Situation streben wir an? Angestrebtes Ziel, angestrebter Zustand oder die ideale Situation. … Continue reading

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How to start writing a paper, the order of things to do

The work is not done until the paperwork is finished.  A paper, i.e. a collection of texts, figures and tables, summarizing the work for a masters, bachelor or diploma degree, presents your various efforts in a form that can be comprehended by … Continue reading

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The iPASA concept: Writing comprehensible texts

A well-known concept in rhetoric is referred to as the five sentences technique.  This essay explains the idea and illustrates it with a number of examples. Whenever a person becomes a member of my team, I have to explain how papers, … Continue reading

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A Space in Space

Where is our space in space? Will we ever travel through space and through time? It is very sad, but I have to admit I doubt it.  The amount of energy that is required to transport even a small mass … Continue reading

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